Mayo Furniture Warranty

We strive to make problem free furniture. There are so many variables that impact every piece, mistakes can be made, and problems can occur. Should you need to report a problem, contact your local dealer (where you purchased the furniture if possible) and they will communicate with Mayo about the issue.

  • Frames: Limited Lifetime*
  • Springs: Limited Lifetime*
  • Seat Foam Cores: Limited Lifetime* – All foam will soften with age and will not be considered defective unless the overall height of the core is 10% less than the original or the resiliency measurement is less than 80% of original Mayo specifications. To execute a seat foam claim, Mayo will provide replacement foam cushions (not including covers) at a charge. Once the original cores are verified by Mayo Furniture to be defective, Mayo will credit the cost of the replacements (not including any shipping charges incurred). To insure proper performance, reversible cushions should be rotated and turned every 60 days. Cushion softness or hardness is significantly affected by the type of cover that surrounds it. This variation is not considered a defect. Handling charges will apply to cushion cores replaced after two years.
  • Swivel/Swivel Glider Mechanisms: 3 Years
  • Fabric: 1 Year – Fabric chemical treatments will void this warranty. Pilling, flagging, shading, fading, shrinkage, wrinkling or stretching are not covered under this warranty. Pilling is the formation of small balls or clusters of fibers on a fabric’s surface. Pilling is caused by abrasion wear and can be fibers of the fabric itself or a fabric (like clothing) which has come in contact with it. Stains, including Revolution covers, are also not covered.
  • Leather: 1 Year – This warranty does not cover fading, shrinkage, wrinkling, stretching or other characteristics that are generally considered normal. Leather is a natural product, therefore natural markings and color variation are not considered defects.
  • Fiber Filled Backs: Not covered – Fiber fill will lose resilience over time due to packing of individual fibers. Mayo inside backs and pillows are designed so that fiber can be added, replaced or fluffed occasionally to keep the fibers evenly distributed. Softening and flattened fibers are considered normal wear and not defects. We recommend fluffing inside backs every few months.

Mayo Furniture will honor reasonable and customary labor charges for 1 year from the consumers delivery date for the purposes of repair or replacing warranty parts. Logistical costs are not covered under this warranty except when a Mayo company truck is available.


This warranty does not apply to furniture that is used beyond normal wear and tear, which is determined by Mayo Furniture on a case by case basis.

This warranty applies to the original purchaser, beginning at time of delivery, and terminates in the event of a resale or when the product is re-upholstered.

Mayo Furniture is crafted by hand. Minor variations will occur from piece to piece. This warranty does not cover minor differences between your furniture and in-store samples or product photography. Measurements in our catalog and online are approximate due to the variation in padding and cover thicknesses.

*Limited Lifetime is defined as the life of the furniture while it has not been re-covered and is owned by the original purchaser.